martes, 27 de marzo de 2012


PASEO VEDADO LODGING Avenida Paseo is a broad boulevard lined with mansions from a by-gone era. Where you will get a nostalgic sense of the glamour of Havana in the fifties and you will enjoy walking distance to excellent restaurants. CASA PARTICULAR PASEO 313 BETWEEN 13 AND 15 STREET AT VEDADO The terrace. The living room by the terrace. Each bedroom has a fridge and air condition. The bathroom are inside each bedroom. Air coditioning and a fridge in each bedroom at $ 30 CUC per day, not included breakfast. Each bedroom has the private bathroom inside. Click on to see other angle of the kitchen. Breakfast are served with a price from $ 3 to $ 5 CUC per person. To book on line send an e-mail to

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